Welcome to Sutton Council's on-line booking system

We are still developing this part of our site to introduce new ways to contact us.
The good news is that you can book football, rugby or cricket pitches NOW!

Are you a new customer to on-line booking?

Contact SLWPsports@idverde.co.uk to set up a user account.

An exisiting customer?

Simply log-on using your username and password

Making a Booking?

Once logged on create a booking to reserve a sports pitch

Please note: We require a minimum of three working days prior to play to prepare the pitches. You will not be able to make a booking if it is sooner than three days ahead.

Pitches not available on certain dates?

Due to limited pitch availability, you will find that pitches are booked well in advance, however we do sometimes receive cancellations; contact SLWPsports@idverde.co.uk for further information.